Private Hospitals

Hospital Viera (general care including trauma)
Barrio La Ronda
5 Calle, 11 y 12 Ave
Phone: 237-7136

The experience and established excellence over 50 years, has made the Viera Hospital & Clinics is recognized nationally and internationally.

During these five decades, Viera, has demonstrated leadership in the field of health at the private level, have been years of dedication, commitment, and evolution of continuous service, all to protect the life of each of the patients who come to institution.

Viera Hospital and Clinics is at the forefront of private clinics in the country, thanks to the commitment of its shareholders, the outstanding group of medical professionals that make up our staff, our nursing and administrative staff and our facilities and technology.


To this end, key elements of our strategy has been a focus on specialization, continuous selection of the best medical professionals of the medium, the adoption of technology and advanced techniques and modernization of our facilities.

Hospital La Policlínica (general care including trauma)
3 Avenida, entre 7 y 8 Calle
Phone: 237-3260 / 237-3261 / 237-3262

Hospital Centro Medico (general care including trauma)
Barrio La Granja
Phone: 225-4060

Hospital Honduras Medical Center (general care)
Col. Las Minitas
Avenida Juan Lindo
Phone: 280-1500

Hospital Del Valle (general care including trauma)
Blvd. Del Norte
Salida a Puerto Cortes
San Pedro Sula
Phone: 551-8433

Hospital Centro Medico Sampedrano (CEMESA) (general care including trauma)
Col. Altamira
San Pedro Sula
Phone: 556-7401

Hospital Vicente D’Antoni (general care including trauma)
La Ceiba, Atlantida
Phone: 443-0593 / 443-2264

Wood Medical Center (general care including trauma)
Coxen Hole
Phone: 445-1031


  1. U.S. Embassy recommends the use of private hospitals in Honduras:
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