Other Supplies

Useful supplies for Medical Brigades

Surgical supplies required
- alcohol swabs
- betadine/antiseptic wash
- dressing trays
- blue pads
- syringes + extra small gauge needles for infiltration
- needles (variety of sizes and lengths)
- lido/xylo with and without epi
- sterile gloves
- individual sterile surgical kits
- tools – scissors, forceps, needle drivers, scalpel handles (that match the scalpel blade type!)

For each MD Station:
- clipboard + pens
- alcohol hand sanitizer
- BP cuff
- Otoscope/opthalmosope + disposable tips
- Tongue depressors
- Garbage bags

Other equipment suggested for all MD’s to share:
- vag speculae
- K-Y jelly
- fetal doppler
- Q tips (for canthucur application)
- Thermometers
- pregnancy tests
- aerochambers (premade or supplies for homemade ones to be assembled
- hemoglobinometer
- pill counting tray and pill splitter
- folding exam table
- free-standing privacy screens
- electric fans
- Elephant ear washer

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