Ministry Of Health


"The challenges we face in the health system we require, as a multidisciplinary working to strengthen our activities in the areas where we play and especially to strengthen them in the mission entrusted to the State.

To the Secretary in the Department of Health has been entrusted with the primary mission to develop, design, control, monitor and evaluate policies, standards, plans and national health programs, exercise stewardship of the Sector; target resources of the National Health as well as promote, conduct and regulate the construction of healthy and improving the living conditions of the population, development and strengthening of a culture of life and health, generation of intelligence in health care needs and demands of health, ensuring safety and quality of goods and services of health and intervention groups at risk and damage health. "


"We are about 16,700 workers who work in the Secretariat of Health, which we undertake our daily to do in the multiple functions that demand the promotion, protection and rehabilitation of the health of our communities and our people.
Hence, we aim to ensure favorable conditions for the Honduran people's health through collective and proper conduct of a national integrated health system, decentralized, participatory and intersectoral, with equal access, universal coverage and high levels of quality, timeliness, effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery "Shared Values are the principles which underpin the actions of organizational development. Determine, in general, individual and group behaviors that senior management considers desirable, permitted or valid, to achieve compliance with the Mission and Vision.

Institutional Values

  • Honesty in our efforts.
  • Ethics and Responsibility in the practice of our chores.
  • Excellence in everything we do and how we do it.
  • Efficiency at work.
  • Respect for the dignity of individuals.
  • Opportunity response.
  • Innovation in the search for methods of solving problems.
  • Participation because we work with the community.
  • Identity and commitment to the institution.

Quality and continuous improvement in the provision of services as an added value.

The current Minister of Health for Honduras is Dr. Arturo Pinel Benda.


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Information here is from Secrataria de Salud Honduras - About Us (translated):Secretaria de Salud Honduras

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