Hospital San Felipe

San Felipe General Hospital

On July 31, 1861 during the administration of the General Santos Guadiola, issued the decree for the creation of Tegucigalpa Hospital, for which approved a budget of 2740 dollars and named its first director to Mr. Hipolito Martinez, however and the multiple problems faced Guardiola's government, its implementation was not possible, even to the extent that the director had to leave office without having paid their fees.

In 1869, and was president of the Republic General Don Jose Maria Medina, with the collaboration of Dr. Pedro Francisco de La Rocha, is put into effect the decree issued by Santos Guardiola and 20 November of that year he joined the first Board of Directors. Despite the good intentions that inspired the General Medina, in 1878 a series of events put paid to all, among which were the epidemics of Asiatic cholera and yellow fever, and the uprisings that took place in that time. In 1880 and during the presidential term of Dr. Marco Aurelio Soto, issued the decree creating the Hospital. At the same time to select an area half a block in place of the National Palace Ministries to build the hospital. In 1887, during the administration of Don Luis Bogran, Dr. Miguel Angel Ugarte, manages and obtained the first X-ray machine I run in the Central American region.

In June 1924, began with the work of adaptation of the Asylum to make General Hospital on June 6, 1926 was opened to people like General Hospital San Felipe.

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