Hospital Mario Mendoza

Mario Mendoza Psychiatric Hospital

Known since 1926 as a poorhouse and named after the eminent psychiatrist Dr. Mario Amado Mendoza, Peru and pioneer specializing in the care of patients with behavioral disorders. Promoting the construction of a specific hospital, whose work was crystallized by his untimely accidental death on October 21, 1971, however, the physician's efforts succeeded in the donation by the National Board for Children (PANI), terrain South West College Hospital, declaring symbolically in June 1971 having as main objectives the assistance, Education, Extension and Research from 1973 made official. The first director was Dr. Francisco Leon Gomez and was in 1975 that the care of mental patients were divided into two areas 1 .- The Hospital Santa Rositaubicado in the Valley of Tamara move mentally ill patients and patients with chronic problems Acute Psychiatric in Dr. Mario Mendoza.

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