Hospital Leonardo Martinez

Hospital Leonardo Martinez Valenzuela

In 1900, a group of dynamic and philanthropic San Pedro Sula, led by the political governor and commander in arms, Colonel M. Martinez, founded a charitable center and named it North Hospital. Its first director was Dr. George David.

The hospital operated in a wooden house with two floors, located opposite the King Bee cigarette factory, which was later identified as Honduran Tobacco, Barrio El Benque.

In September 1904 the governor general political Mondragón Maximilian moved the hospital to the site now occupied: 7-8 streets, 9-10 avenues SO, Barrio El Benque, three blocks up from where it was founded .

Director during the administration of Dr. Manuel G. Zuniga broke out in San Pedro Sula's last yellow fever epidemic that decimated the population of Honduras and claimed many victims, including young doctor Leonardo Martinez Valenzuela.

That same year, to mark the fourth centenary of the founding of San Pedro Sula, the name North Hospital was replaced by Dr. Leonardo Martinez V., in memory of the distinguished physician who offered their lives for science and serving society San Pedro Sula.


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