Honduras Health Mapping

Project Update 10-06-12

Thanks to the collaboration of Cenrut (www.cenrut.org) we now have GPS locations for over 450 Hospitals and Clinics in Honduras. We succeeded in mapping the 28 Government run hospitals! Efforts are underway to make this data more easily accessible so that you may use it for your own purposes. Stayed tuned for open data updates.

Honduras Health Mapping (#hhm) is an open source project to map healthcare resources (Hospitals, Clinics, Health NGOs and Medical Brigades) through crowd-sourcing.


Having twice been to Honduras with medical brigades I was always concerned about our lack of information about local resources and follow-up for patients after brigades. I often felt as though we were "parachuting in" often totally ignorant of the existing healthcare system and structures nearby. Thus this project is meant to help connect Honduran hospitals, clinics, health NGOs and medical brigades to enable better communication and cooperation. Accessible information about the Honduran health system can help break down barriers which cause organizations to operate in silos.

Crisis(n.) The point of time when it is to be decided whether any affair or course of action must go on, or be modified or terminate the decisive moment; the turning point.

Question: Why wait for the next crisis?

According to census data from health facilities in 2002, Ministry of Health has the largest network of establishments in country with 28 hospitals and 1,241 outpatient facilities and MCH. Apart from the two hospitals located in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, the IHSS has 10 stores ambulatory care (and growing). The private sector institutions, NGOs and other institutions manage 108 hospitals and 820 outpatient facilities. In 2002 there were 6659 beds in the country (0.97 beds per 1,000 population) distributed as follows: 4656 beds in the Ministry of Health, 250 beds in the IHSS, 1,652 in the lucrative private health sector and 101 non-governmental organizations and other institutions.

Our first task is mapping the Hospitals (and their beds).

The Honduras Health mapping has now evolved and expanded to include reports of Natural Hazards, Demonstrations, Health, Communicable Diseases and Violence. Please help by submitting reports by going to: Honduras Health Mapping

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