Dental Clinics Brigades

Shoulder to Shoulder, Inc over the past several years has transitioned from a USA brigade and USA management positions to having almost all Hondurans in management positions in the healthcare system which works with the MOH (Secretariat de Salud) to provide care for over 35,000 Hondurans in Intibuca. Brigades are working with this Honduran led management to augment the MOH (Secretariat de Salud) system of health care. This change will make the organization more able to be sustainable. The management team in the USA acts more like a consultant providing guidance and financial assistance.

Shoulder to Shoulder, Inc manages two dental clinics in Intibuca using Honduran dentists and brigade dentists from the USA. They have developed a school prevention program that provides definitive care when needed and ongoing prevention and education in schools. Fluoride varnish is applied three time a year and yearly exams are performed. They have seen a large decrease in dental disease in this population. Our clinics provide care for the adult population also. They have ideas about the dental care in Honduras and would be interested in sharing.

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