Honduras Health is an open source project to aggregate information about the state of health and the healthcare system in Honduras. It is meant to be an informative resource for those curious about health in Honduras.

Over time the goal of this project will be to comprehensively document existing health resources in Honduras. We plan to gather information about Public Government run Hospitals and Clinics as well as information about Private Hospitals and Clinics and Health NGOs which operate Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Brigades throughout Honduras.

Having twice been to Honduras with Medical Brigades I was concerned about our lack of information about local resources and follow-up for patients after Medical Brigades. I couldn't help but feel as though we were "parachuting in" totally ignorant of the existing Honduran healthcare system and structures nearby. Thus this project is meant to help connect Honduran Hospitals, Clinics, Health NGOs and Medical Brigades to enable better communication and cooperation.

It is also meant to be a source of information about health related topics relevant to Honduras. Accessible information about the Honduran health system can help break down barriers and improve access to health.

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